Becoming a Guide is a great adventure that develops leadership & decision making skills, improves confidence, offers exciting activities and most of all is lots of fun!

Girls can join Girl Guides from 5 years old and become part of a Unit with girls of a similar age and interests.

The Unit works with a Leader who is trained to understand the girls’ needs. Together, in a safe environment, the girls and their Leaders will decide, plan and take part in a range of activities from camping and community action projects to even overseas travel. We love showing new girls all of the fun and exciting things we do at Girl Guides and even invite girls to participate in a 3 week trial before joining. Girls are welcome to join their nearest Girl Guide Unit at any time of year! 

Guide Meetings

Most Guide Units meet once a week for about 2 hours. This Unit has girls of similar age who work together in small groups called ‘Patrols’ and take part in activities based on the ‘Australian Guide Program’.

At meetings Guides get to try something new. They might:

  • play games
  • make things
  • learn a skill
  • explore outdoors
  • help others
  • plan your next Guide adventure ... and much more!

Girl Guide meetings are heaps of fun and a way to make lots of new friends. We even get the chance to join other Guides from around Victoria, Australia and the world at special events, overnight activities and camps.

For a glimpse into 'A day in the life of a Guide' check out this video created by the 3rd Bentleigh Girl Guides, winner of the 2013 South Metro Showtime Guide Movie Competition.

The Australian Guide Program

Girl Guides and their Leaders carry out challenges and activities based on the four elements and the seven fundamentals of the Australian Guide Program.

Four Elements

The girl is the central focus of the Program. By providing opportunities for her to develop as an individual (Self), in the areas of Physical development, Practical skills and relationships with other People, she will be empowered to shape her own future and reach her potential.

Seven Fundamentals

The seven fundamental areas of Guiding form the basis of our Program upon which the Unit meetings are developed and implemented.

AGP Fundamentals, Elements and Process
Self and Peer Assessment 
Developmental Stages 


Girl Guides is a non-profit organisation, however there are basic costs involved.

  •  2017 Annual fee - $50.00 per term or $180.00 for four terms. More detail for new membership fees are available on page 3 of the application. 
  • Unit/District Fees which cover the cost of activities and venue costs are around $5.00 per week but can vary from district to district so please discuss with your leader.
  • Uniform - starting at $29.00
  • Extra-curricular activities can include excursion, overnight stays, camps etc. These activities are all optional.
 Membership -  Apply Online or download a paper Application    

 Blackburn Bursary Application .


Guides love to challenge themselves. To help us mark our achievements, we have our own special Girl Guide Badges and Awards. 

Using our Badge Books and Handbooks we come up with our own challenges to earn badges and awards that we then put on our uniform. Check out our Awards and Badges page.


We have a great Girl Guide Uniform that we wear to meetings so that we all feel like a part of the group.

This includes a special shirt, hoodie or fleece jacket and a sash to display all the badges we earn. 

Check out the Guide Gear available in the Guide Shop 


Explore all the great things you can do with Girl Guides Victoria!

As well as all of the Region events in your local areas, each year Girl Guides Victoria Volunteers run inspiring State events for girls, young women and adults.

Check out our upcoming events to see what’s happening.