Welcome to iGGi!

It’s a big world wide web out there so we figured we’d build an island on it for Guides to explore, experience and share together!


Meet iGGi – our island is named after her – and she’s looking forward to meeting you when you join our online Guiding community. iGGi is a members only custom built social media platform to connect with other Guides no matter where they live in Victoria.

Our information booklet gives you more information about iGGi and what is about.
All members of GGV can join register and jump online to join in the fun. Just go to the iGGi website to register.
If you are interested in joining Guides then get in touch with us today. What are you waiting for - come and see what Guiding is about today!

Need some information on how to use iGGi? See our Handy iGGi Help Guide.