Welcome to Girl Guides Victoria!

Over the past few months we have been working to ensure that we are an organization that is accessible to girls of all abilities and backgrounds and We have been fortunate to receive State Government funding to assist us in this quest.

It is important to us that everyone who is a part of the Guiding community feels valued and respected and we are committed to celebrating and promoting inclusion in communities around Victoria.

As part of our focus we have developed a new tagline which celebrates our vision - You, me, us - Building Inclusive Communities.

 In October 2013 The Minister for Youth Affairs, The Hon Ryan Smith, launched our Social Inclusion Strategy (link) which provides a framework to implement our vision in this area.

One of our first steps has been the development of multi-language information factsheets about Guiding. These factsheets aim to provide parents (and girls) from other cultures with some general information on Guiding in their own languages.