There are many opportunities for Guides to develop leadership skills. Guides can take on the role of Patrol Leader, become a Junior Leader within a younger aged Guide Unit and take part in youth leadership development trainings.


Patrol System

As Guides progress through the Australian Guide Program, they will gain leadership skills. 

This is encouraged through the Patrol System and it is used to train Guides in the skills of self-government, communication, group-management and leadership.

The Patrol System encourages:
Leadership skills, Teamwork, Responsibility, Peer support, Learning, Cooperation, Confidence, Fun and Friendship.

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Junior Leaders

You can have an amazing time while you grow your skills by taking on a leadership role with a younger Unit of Guides. By doing so, your leadership skills will continue to develop and you can be a fantastic role model to the younger girls! Junior Leaders are Guides aged 14-17 years.

A Girl's Guide to Being a Junior Leader 
Registration Process
Junior Leader Registration

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Youth Leadership Training

Each year there are opportunities to attend youth leadership events including:

Patrol Leader Training
Junior Leader weekend
Fun Leadership for Youth (FLY)

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Going camping and trying new outdoor activities with your Guiding friends is so much fun! You get to experience new adventures and laughs with your friends while working together in a small team (your Patrol).

Weekly meetings are mostly held indoors at a regular meeting hall. However, there are many times you will have activities outdoors too. 

These activities will include games and learning basic skills to prepare you for camps and other outdoor adventures. 

There are many opportunities for you to attend special outdoor activity days and camps held on weekends or in the school holidays.

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There are many opportunities to connect with Guides across Victoria! As well as connecting with your local Guides in your Region events see the upcoming events webpage for opportunities to meet new friends!

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I love being a Junior Leader...


"I have been a Junior Leader for three years now and have loved every minute of it. I enjoy helping to organise various activities and to see the Girls excitement for Guides. I have definitely extended my leadership skills and have also gained confidence. Being a Junior Leader you see the  girls looking up to you as a role model and I would definitely recommend it to other Guides who were interested in gaining more skills"

Jacynta Cox
Junior Leader to Ferntree Gully Gumnut Guides