Girl Guides Victoria is part of the largest volunteer organisation for girls and women in Australia.


Girl Guides Victoria runs quality programs for girls aged 5-17.

Through our unique non-formal education programs we promote citizenship, volunteerism, social awareness and self-reliance. Girl Guides learn by doing. Every activity brings a new personal adventure. We believe that Girl Guides Victoria is impacting our community, one girl at a time.

The Mission Statement

To empower girls and young women to grow into confident, self-respecting, responsible community members.

Our Vision

To be Australia’s leading organisation for girls and young women in leadership and personal development.

Our Values

The Promise and Law

We live by our values and grow as individuals.

The Promise is about yourself, personal development, your own spiritual journey, developing your value system and service to the community.

The Guide Law gives you guidance and a code to live by as you strive to put your Promise into action.

Together the Promise & Law underpins everything you do as a Girl Guide and supports you in your journey to become the best you can be. 


The Girl Guides Victoria Strategic Plan sets out our direction over a 10 year timeframe. Starting in 2011 we are into our fourth year of the plan which is reviewed on annual basis. 

Our Legal Status

Our Act, Constitution & By Laws and Charity Status provide information on our legal structure.

Girl Guides Association Act 1952
Constitution of Girl Guides Victoria 2017
By-Laws of Girl Guides Victoria 2017
Charity Concession Endorsement
Deductible Gift Recipient Endorsement