Along with leadership and self development, the benefits of International Guiding for our members include, at the local level, the continued bonds of sisterhood, friendship and tolerance, supplemented by a good dose of fun.


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August 2017 newsletter

1. We want to encourage JOTA/JOTI participants to register on the International Registration system Link
2. A brief questionnaire has been created for participants to complete Link


Celebrating 50 years of Sangam

The Friends of Sangam Australia have produced a badge to commemorate Sangam's 50th anniversary this year. It features the logo for Sangam's 50th Birthday and costs $1.00 each (plus Postage).



There are also badges available from New Zealand featuring Warli Art for Sangam's 50th Birthday. The badge measures 8cm * 3cm and they cost $2.00 each (plus postage).

Please note that stocks of the Warli Art badge are limited.

If you are interested in either or both badges, please email



Download a Free App to your smartphone, tablet or ipad and scan the finished magnet for a fun result. This allows leaders and girls to order them directly, if they cannot get to the Sangam World Centre! 

Now available for purchase online at  $3.00 per kit. 5% discount for 36 or more.

For every kit sold $1.00 will be donated to Sangam to support programs.

Promotional Flyers Available

Sangam DIY Fridge Magnet Kits A4
Sangam DIY Fridge Magnet Kits A5

Wish List for some of our Asia Pacific Region member organisations

If you can help with a donation towards funding one of the Asia Pacific projects, in part or in full, please contact Morwenna Moseley at for information on what projects are currently on the Wish List and instructions for transmitting the funds. 

AP Conference Finger Puppets Patterns

Alice Springs have added their very cute Frill Necked Lizard, NSW/ACT have 3 patterns the one file and SA have a photo of their puppet but unfortunately no instructions as yet. VIC Felt Penguin Instructions WA Swan Instructions WA Numbat Instructions
TAS Tassie Devil Instructions
Alice Springs Frill Necked Lizard Instructions
NSW Gang Gang Cockatoo, Platypus and Kookaburra Instructions
SA Wombat

WAGGGS and World Centre Opportunities

WAGGGS Jobs and Opportunities

Looking for a current vacancies and positions at WAGGGS or World Centres? Why not work for the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to make a difference!

World Centre Application Guidelines

WAGGGS procedural team World Conference 14-18 Aug 2017 - volunteers EOI

In preparation for the World Conference, W.A.G.G.G.S are currently looking for volunteers to be part of the procedural team for the 2017 World Conference. The procedural team make decisions according to the Rules of Procedure during the conference, and help ensuring the decision making process is fair. Further information

World Centre Volunteering

The four World Centres offer an amazing array of volunteer positions and even internships. 
Please note, World Centre volunteer applications require approval from the National International Commissioner

Our Cabana Volunteering opportunities

Pax Lodge Volunteering opportunities

Post Box

Link your Unit with another Unit to correspond with and learn about Guiding in other countries.

Order the The Postbox Swap Badge from the Guide Shop anytime.
Penpals Post Box Wordfind 

Further information 

Register your interest and apply for your pen pal:
Girl Guides Australia Post Box Secretary  


WAGGGS Resources
WAGGGS Asia Pacific Region Member Organisations Poster 

Wordsearch Canada
Wordsearch Thailand
Wordsearch Egypt
Wordsearch Netherlands

World Centre Resources

World Centre Brochure
Four World Centres Quiz 
World Centres Chatterbox 
Pax Lodge Interesting Facts

World Centre Songs
Here we go round the World Centres  
The World Centres Song
Sangam Song Sheet and Music