Leaders and Guides - Create amazing programs and explore all of the activity and challenge possibilities within the framework of the Australian Guide Program.


AGP Four Elements

The girl is the central focus of the Program. By providing opportunities for her to develop as an individual (Self), in the areas of Physical development, Practical skills and relationships with other People, she will be empowered to shape her own future and reach her potential.

AGP Seven Fundamentals

The seven fundamental areas of Guiding form the basis of our Program upon which the Unit meetings are developed and implemented.


AGP Fundamentals, Elements and Process 
Self and Peer Assessment document 
Developmental Stages 

AGP Review

The Consultation Stage with Australian Girl Guides, Leaders, Managers, Parents and Friends has now closed!
A BIG THANK YOU to those who contributed to the survey, participated in Leaders’ Caravans and ran Girls’ Activities.

GGA received responses from:
- Over 1600 girls
- Over 1000 leaders and managers
- Over 1400 parents

See the latest GGA AGP Review Update 31/072015

See here for more Information.

Surf Smart program from WAGGGS

Ever wondered what a Trojan Horse virus does? How your phone pinpoints your location? How to create the safest passwords and how to connect safely with people online?

Surf Smart is a non-formal education curriculum designed to inform young people about how to connect positively online, protect themselves from online threats and respect their rights and reputation on the internet. See here for more information.


As part of the largest voluntary movement for girls and young women in the world, we constantly strive to make this world a better place for all.

You will find Girl Guides out and about educating others, speaking out and taking action to improve their lives and the lives of others!

Our Change-Makers program works in partnership with leading organisations to help our Girl Guide Units explore topics of interest to them and their communities. Girl Guides Victoria is proud to promote these amazing Girl Guide 'Change-Makers' Advocacy Campaigns:

Prepare to Care in conjunction with RSPCA Victoria - Resources

Because I am a Girl in conjunction with Plan Australia 

Safety and Me in conjunction with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts 
5 to 9 Activity Kit        
9 to 12 Activity Kit         
12 to 17 Activity Kit             
Printable Meeting Resources

We are also proud to again be a community partner for the CARE Australia event 'Walk In Her Shoes' to raise awareness and money for girls and women living in poverty.

Want to know more? Contact advocacy@guidesvic.org.au


Supporting Quality Guiding is a Girl Guides Victoria Program Department initiative designed to better support Leaders to continue to deliver Quality Guiding.

Supporting Quality Guiding Checklist - outlines the elements and fundamentals of the AGP to help you plan your term

SQG Programming Pack for Unit Leaders - updated 06.07.2015
SQG Programming Pack for District Managers

SQG Term 1 Full pack - First Half
SQG Term 3 Full Pack
SQG Term 4 Full Pack 
**While these packs are created with specific terms/dates in mind, each pack contains activities and resources you can use all year-round!

To see the SQG resources in action check out these Term 3 2014 Fun and Photos

Got a question? Contact the Program Team program@guidesvic.org.au

Free Being Me

Free Being Me is an amazing WAGGGS program in partnership with Dove, promoting positive self esteem and body confidence. There have been so many success stories from units that have completed the program already. See here for a look at how Kaniva Guides implemented their Free Being Me program.

For more information on what you can do to create a world free from appearance-related anxiety and support girls and women to be all that they can be, check out Free Being Me on the GGA website for  user-friendly fact-sheets and resources.

The Free Being Me badges are available from the FBM Coordinator.  Information about how to obtain the badges including the Badge Slip is here.  

Sunflower Challenge

Units across Victoria are taking Guiding into their local communities and recruiting new members through the Sunflower Challenge. Click here to visit our dedicated Sunflower Challenge webpage for resources and more information.

World Thinking Day 2018

Download the workbook  in preparation for Thinking Day, or go directly to the WAGGGS website for more information

August Action

Service is a fundamental part of the Australian Guiding Program.

In August girls are given the opportunity to develop skills in planning and carrying out a project in a team to raise funds for selected charities.

This year August Action will be supporting The Blackburn Bursary to enable Guides from disadvantaged background the opportunity to participate in Guiding.

Girls Workbook
Leader Information Booklet
Badge Order and Donation Form

Saluting their Service, 2017

The aim of this year’s challenge is to encourage Guides to conduct research or undertake activities to increase understanding of the sacrifice and service of Australian veterans and the involvement of animals in times of conflict.

Saluting their Service workbook


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GGA Leaders Handbook Resources 
GGA Handbooks FAQ 

Promise and Law Resources 

Program Department 
2012 Activities Annual 
2013 Activities Annual 
2014 Activities Annual

Bring a Friend Program
Bring a Friend Invitation
Triple Treat Badge

Action Guide

The Action Guide badge is available to Guides who take part in a range of activities in addition to their regular meeting. Check the syllabus for more information. This syllabus can also be found in the current version of Look Wide.

Let's Go Outdoors

This booklet is designed to help you out when you are looking for inspiration of what to do in your Guide Unit for a term, or when you are busy and need some instant programs.


Girl Guides NSW and ACT  
Special Needs Online Leader Resource 
The site contains lots of information, strategies and fun sections for a huge spectrum of issues from asthma to vision impairment.  

Be Prepared! 
Sport and Active Recreation Programs for People with a Disability. This resource, designed for volunteers and staff was developed by Outdoor Groups in partnership with Latrobe University and is very comprehensive. 

The Nature Passport App
Smartphone technology allows kids to identify trees, constellations, mountains and birds. A free tool instantly available to anyone in the world who wants to help a child fall in love with nature, starting at their doorstep.  

Active Kids is an online resource encompassing videos, games, free teaching units and activities, all promoting healthy eating and activity for children.

Educating for a sustainable future

Busy Teacher
Top 10 Time Fillers